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Building Pharaohs Chariot

Building Pharaoh's Chariot

Early in the Egyptian New Kingdom, more than three and a half thousand years ago, a technological revolution took place in Egypt.  The chariot arrived.

Over the next few hundred years the Egyptians built the greatest empire the world had ever seen. Was the chariot their secret weapon?

Engineering for the World II

Engineering for the World II

From a schoolgirl’s idea for a new sea-safety product, to the servicing of a jumbo jet; from the technology of a better snowboard, to the safety of gas platforms in the North Sea.

Each clip in this  series of six stories features the engineers involved,  and illustrates the central role of engineering in our lives.

Engineering for the World

Engineering for the World

From a new tunnel under the Alps, to the design of a lawnmower; from a plan to generate energy from nuclear fusion, to the workings of an electric shaver.

This series of clips follows engineers involved in twelve different projects to tell a series of inspirational stories about recent technological innovations. 

Better by Design 6 x 30

Better by Design (6 x 30’)

Join high-octane product designers Richard Seymour and Dick Powell as they come up with a new slant on six everyday design disasters.

The challenge in each show is to come up with something better – and to persuade a manufacturer to bring them into the shops. 

Brand New Bra

Brand New Bra

Richard Seymour and Dick Powell are back in a programme which follows one of their best known innovations – a new bra.

This is the story of the bumpy ride from drawing board to shop floor as a top lingerie company are persuaded to swap lace and embroidery for industrial plastic moulding in a bid to create a better bra.

Designs on Your 3 x 60

Designs on Your... (3 x 60’)

‘Design is about making things better’. So say designers Richard Seymour and Dick Powell as they take on some of our best known everyday products.

What can two product designers, more famous for the Intercity 250 and the cordless kettle, bring to the perfumed world of lingerie, the unglamorous toilet, and the electric car?

Designing Dream Machines

Designing Dream Machines

Dick Powell and Richard Seymour design new machines that are irresistible to consumers - with what they call ‘x-factor’

This film follows them for a year as they give the ‘x-factor’ treatment to a number of new designs – from a food processor for the next century, to the first BSA motorbike for more than twenty years.