Filming in the Valley of the Kings

Dr Elena Pauline-Grothe

12 Sep 2016

TV6 is very excited to be working on a new documentary for Channel 5 and ARTE.


Emmy Awards Nomination

Emmy Awards Nomination

06 Sep 2016

The Great Math Mystery has been nominated for an Emmy!


59th CINE Golden Eagle Awards


03 May 2016

The Great Math Mystery is a Golden Eagle Award Winner


The Great Math Mystery airs on NOVA

Dr. Mario Livio at CERN

15 Apr 2015

TV6's latest production, The Great Math Mystery, is screened by NOVA on PBS.


LATEST - Terry Pratchett's Jungle Quest DVD

LATEST - Terry Pratchetts Jungle Quest DVD

09 Apr 2015

In 1994 best-selling author Terry Pratchett travelled to the rain forests of Borneo to meet orangutans in the wild. 


Building Pharaoh's Chariot airs on NOVA


01 May 2014

A film following TV6's successful attempt to build a replica of an Egyptian chariot goes out in the PBS series  NOVA


Filming Fireball of Christ in Italy

Filming Fireball of Christ in Italy

21 Jun 2011

For the TV6 crew filming in Italy was a constant battle with bureaucracy.